Palo Santo Oil Perfume
Palo Santo Oil Perfume

Palo Santo Oil Perfume

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This perfume oil is a relaxing genderless blend of several woods that feels grounding and earthy. Think sandalwood, cedarwood and vetiver, with an unnoticeable hint of lavender, generously covered in palo santo.

Palo santo oil is popular in perfumery and aromatherapy for its soft wood notes and calming effects. 

The palo santo oil we use is distilled from sustainably cultivated wood that comes from a small farm in Ecuador that contains both naturally occurring and replanted palo santo. They have planted over 5,000 palo santo trees on the land so far to ensure adequate supply for the future.

Apply roll on both wrists, side of the elbows, chest, the sides of the neck, and back of the knees.

Organic Jojoba, Palo Santo, Organic Sandalwood, Organic Atlas Cedar Wood, Organic Vetiver, Organic Lavender, Organic Patchouli