Blossom Bliss Skin Mist
Blossom Bliss Skin Mist
Blossom Bliss Skin Mist

Blossom Bliss Skin Mist

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Rose & Aloe Skin Mist

Nurture yourself with the therapeutic scent of fresh rose flowers while benefiting from the healing properties of both aloe and roses.

Or choose Blossom Bliss with neroli if you prefer the relaxing scent of orange blossoms.

This floral water blends tones and quenches your skin while protecting it against free radicals that cause premature skin aging.

Hydrate, nourish and revitalize. Blossom Bliss balances your skin's pH level, diminishes pore appearance with continual use and help sooth redness and irritation.

Mist your face after cleansing. Follow with facial oil or balm to seal in hydration and moisture.

You may also mix with face oil or balm and create an emulsion by rubbing it with both hands. Apply over face by softly pressing around forehead, cheeks and chin. Massage the floral water and oil emulsion into your skin.

Use as many times as necessary to refresh and revitalize your skin.

Store in refrigerator for a cooler experience and to extend its shelf life.

Aloe Vera Distillate, Rose Hydrosol, Organic Rose Hydrosol, Rose Oil