Body Dry Brush

Body Dry Brush

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Keep your skin smooth and renewed, promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage while stimulating your nervous system.

Regular dry brushing can improve skin tone, smoothness, detoxification and increase energy. The bristles of this specific brush provide the ideal amount of pressure and friction to make your practice a very pleasant experience. 

This ancient self-care practice of dry brushing has roots in Ayurveda, Ancient Egyptians, Romans, and traditional Chinese medicine. 

Made in Germany with sustainable beechwood, natural bristles and cotton. Great design that is comfortable to use. 

To wash simply use a small amount of castille soap, gently scrub away dirt, towel dry and let out in the sun. 

Starting from the bottom of your feet, stroke gently over dry skin moving inwards and upwards towards the heart. Choose your own rhythm and intensity. Avoid pressing it too hard over severely dry skin. Follow with a hydrating bath and body oil.

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